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Photos by Frej Schmedes


Becoming Species is a performative, activist collective exploring and criticizing the current climate emergency and biodiversity crisis on the limit between rebellion, protest and inspiration for future alternatives.


In our current society other species than the almighty human are not considered Life. We disagree. We want to explore how it is to be other Life. We want to give other species a voice. 

We humans are part of a network of existences. We are not on top of a hierarchy of species. We explore how it is to move away from anthropocentrism, the idea that Homo Sapiens is the most important and intelligent species on Earth. 

We are becoming species. We are mycelium, grass, mole, wind around a bird, coral, tree, moth, octopus, lichen, gople. We are humans becoming other species through meditation, movement and explorations in public space. We work with butoh dance and mycelial decomposition of mind-body. We reset ourselves to nothingness, to a blank canvas in order to transform. Though, we know that we can never fully become other species. We know that we are humans aiming to listen, understand and become species. Thus, we are always in a state of becoming. 

Our bodies move together and apart, in symmetry and juxtaposition, melting and separating, orientating and disorientating, above and underneath, side by side, leaning in and away.

We take space. We open, spread, reach everything, explore, destroy, float, reproduce, dive deep, flow, exist.

We are becoming species.
We are connected.
We belong here.
We are Life.
We are nature.

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